“ I envision a Luther Burbank that not only produces prepared students but fosters an environment of acceptance, growth and innovation. Where all students feel proud of belonging to our community, who know their history and feel confident to take on the challenges of tomorrow” 
Bridging the Digital Divide


Currently our families are hurting and struggling financially, emotionally and physically. We are constantly being attacked by the Trump Administration and many live in fear of being separated from their loved ones. On top of all of that pressure our families also have to stress about creating a quiet space for their students to learn, while moms have been forced to turn into teachers. Many of our students suffer from a great digital divide, without access to computers or the internet. We should meet families where they are and provide the services they need. 


We should train parents in teaching techniques and help them become confident in helping their children. We can partner with local companies, businesses and nonprofits to help us acquire resources, so that every student has a laptop at home and the tools they need to be successful. I believe our students have resiliency in their DNA and given the proper tools, can break ceilings.

Ensuring Our Community is Represented


As a Latinx candidate in the race,  Jesús knows that representation matters, because leaders who don’t accurately represent the community they serve, often don’t know the lived experiences our families go through everyday. By having accurate representation in elected offices we can have a true democracy. When our elected leaders mirror the makeup of our community, we achieve stronger communities. We also need to ensure that the voices of parents and teachers have a greater voice in what happens in the schools and will hold regular town halls to ensure that. 

Create an Environment of Inclusion


In a world filled with many catastrophic events, our students need a place where they feel supported, empowered and free to be their whole selves. We must create an environment where we celebrate diversity, equity and inclusion. An environment where we foster creativity and welcome all kinds of radical ideas. We should strive to make sure that our textbooks reflect the America of today and the future, where students can learn about leaders who look like them and can see themselves in it. This includes marginalized students of color and those who identify as LGBTQ, to feel supported, loved and included. I envision a Luther Burbank where all students feel safe and proud of who they are and where they come from.